Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

relapse preventionRelapse occurs when a person with drug or alcohol addiction begins to use again. It’s not a failure, and it doesn’t mean therapy hasn’t worked for you. Relapse can be a stepping stone.

At Blueprint Recovery Center, we want to ensure you do not find yourself struggling with sober living. That is why we offer a full relapse prevention program and comprehensive addiction aftercare support. Even after you leave formal therapy, there is help available to you here.

What Is a Relapse Prevention Program?

Relapse prevention is just what it sounds like. If you or a loved one is at risk of relapsing from drug and alcohol addiction, it’s essential to reach out to our team immediately to get support and guidance.

Through this type of addiction aftercare, you can re-enter treatment if you need to do so to help stop the risk of using again. If you have already started to fall back into old patterns of drug or alcohol abuse, it is even more imperative that you do not wait to call us for help.

Working to Resolve What’s Happening Right Now

A significant part of relapse prevention is working hand-in-hand with a team of professionals who can offer immediate support.

This may include:

  • Determining what stressors are occurring
  • Supporting mental health needs
  • Supporting your body’s cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Providing individual counseling
  • Ensuring a higher level of therapy is provided

There is no way to know if you will need ongoing therapy and support. Yet, our addiction aftercare services are here for you on an ongoing basis. When you feel you are at risk of using, it’s time to get help.

When Do You Need to Use Addiction Aftercare?

Once you leave formal therapy with our team, you should have the confidence and resources you need to start on a long path of sober living. There could be times when you find yourself simply unable to heal or deal with what’s happening around you. Don’t hesitate to contact the Blueprint Recovery Center team when you need us.

It’s also a smart idea to schedule counseling sessions on a routine basis as your life changes. Let us help you to manage that new level of stress.

You may benefit from addiction aftercare right away. Some people need to have that therapy session to help them talk about what’s happening and get the support they need in real-time. Others may only need addiction aftercare services after high-stress events or when they are facing milestones in their life.

No matter what your needs are, we can provide for them.

Secure the Care You Need to Maintain Sober Living

No matter where you are right now in your addiction recovery, our team is here to support you. Blueprint Recovery Center’s relapse prevention services are available today as well as in the years to come. You just have to reach out to learn more about addiction aftercare, how it works, and when it fits your specific goals.

Our team is here to support you today as you begin your journey and for the rest of your life as you need support. The first step is to reach out for help through one of our treatment programs, including:

Reach Out to Blueprint Recovery for Help in Difficult Times

When you’re dealing with negative thoughts, or you’re having trouble with sober living, reach out to our compassionate counselors at Blueprint Recovery. Our team offers a comprehensive relapse prevention program that can help keep you on the right path. Addiction aftercare is critical, and our team is here for you. Learn more by calling 833.654.1004 or reaching out to us online.