Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

close up of hands of someone entering Addiction Treatment CentersFor those with substance use issues, finding the right addiction treatment center can be a challenge. You want personalized care in a comfortable setting from experienced therapists, and you want to leave treatment with the tools for lasting sobriety. At Blueprint Recovery, we offer a variety of addiction treatment programs at our beautiful New Hampshire campus. Every individual in our care receives a unique treatment plan, and planning for your future is also a key component of our rehab programs. 

We offer the following programs at Blueprint:

  • Men’s rehab center – Find strength in peer support from a gender-specific addiction treatment rehab
  • Women’s rehab center – Begin to heal in a safe space where you can discuss past trauma and substance abuse with others
  • Partial hospitalization program – In our most intense level of treatment, you’ll begin to develop the skills needed for long-term sobriety
  • Intensive outpatient program – Find the support you need as you take steps towards independence
  • Outpatient program – An extra resource and layer of accountability as you take care of your everyday responsibilities
  • Community housing – Live with recovery-minded peers for additional encouragement and accountability

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Our Addiction Treatment Center in NH

Although each of our programs is different, they all have a focus on some similar aspects of recovery. 

Aftercare Planning

At Blueprint Recovery, our goal is to help every individual in our care learn how to deal with stress and triggers. Once they leave our programs, they will have the tools and strategies they need to overcome cravings and maintain their recovery. We try to maximize the amount of time you are in a safe, secure, recovery-focused living community. There will always be stressors in the world, but we can help you build the ability to handle them. You can rebuild a meaningful, fulfilling existence without drugs or alcohol. While at Blueprint, our medical team, case managers, and therapists will be there to help you through the next steps.

Case Management

For many individuals with substance use issues, addiction causes damage to relationships, finances, and employment. However, you’ll find support and help at Blueprint’s addiction treatment center. Our team will be your advocate, helping you to clear the obstacles or roadblocks you face during early recovery. From the major to the minor, our team will work with you on legal, financial, professional, or other issues. We will help clear the way for you to thrive in early recovery.

Safe Environment

You will have access to a structured, safe, secure environment for healing. Every individual in treatment is required to be sober and focused on recovery. Through active participation, you can begin to create and establish productive daily routines and work on the life skills that you will need for the next steps in early recovery.

Relapse Prevention

We know that when problems begin to be resolved, new stumbling blocks may appear in your way. Aftercare planning will focus heavily on providing you with the insight, tools, and strategies to deal with these issues in a healthy, positive way.

Wellness and Addiction Treatment

While you are in treatment, you are healing mentally, spiritually, and physically. Substance abuse can have long-term physical withdrawal effects and can lead to neglect of the physical condition, malnutrition, and discomfort.

We provide you with a variety of wellness services, including:

  • Reiki therapy
  • Personal training
  • Gym memberships
  • Emphasis on 12-step work

Food may be served on-site, and healthy snacks will be provided. Case managers will work with you on nutritional education and grocery shopping.

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When you are ready to take the next step towards rebuilding your life, contact us. We’re ready to design a treatment plan that can transform your life. You’ll leave with the skills you need to stay sober and a network of support to encourage you. To learn more about the addiction treatment center at Blueprint Recovery, call us at 833.654.1004. Overcoming addiction is possible at Blueprint.