Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

patient with therapist in partial hospitalization programIf you are struggling with substance abuse, you know that there are many different types of addiction treatment programs available. While this can seem overwhelming, learning about your options can help you make the right decision. Overcoming addiction is difficult, but a partial hospitalization program can help you find the road to recovery. And you’re not alone in your struggles: over 40 million Americans deal with substance use issues. In Blueprint Recovery’s partial hospitalization program, you’ll meet others who have walked a similar path and can build a network of support.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program (also referred to as a PHP) offers structured day treatment that allows an individual to live at home while accessing an addiction treatment program. Instead of an inpatient treatment program, where you stay on-site 24/7, in an addiction treatment PHP you can go home at night and on the weekends. Some people also choose to stay in community housing for additional support.

Some advantages of the PHP model include:

  • Freedom to maintain responsibilities while you are in treatment, like caring for your children or your household
  • The ability to work outside of the center
  • Time away from the treatment center allows individuals to implement what they have learned
  • Less expensive than inpatient options
  • You can develop a support network outside of the center

Our Addiction Treatment PHP at Blueprint Recovery Center

Partial hospitalization is the most intense level of outpatient addiction treatment that we offer at Blueprint Recovery Center. Our PHP is designed to help you continue your recovery on a part-time, intensive basis. Your needs are our priority as you take the next steps in early recovery. Whether you are moving from inpatient care or joining our PHP program as the first step into recovery, your individualized treatment plan will help you learn your strengths and needs as you take the next steps on the path to recovery.

Blueprint Recovery Center effectively treats the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of addiction. Our comprehensive therapy plans focus on the mental and spiritual side of care, but we take care of your physical health as well. Our on-site nurse practitioner will assess your health and administer care during your treatment. We can deliver any necessary medications on-site. In addition to medical care, every patient has access to psychiatric care when needed.

Intensive Therapy Plan

During our addiction treatment PHP, we utilize both group and individual therapies. Every individual in our care receives an intense therapy plan to help them overcome addiction and plan for the future. 

Addiction is isolating. However, in group therapy, you will find a network of support from others who have faced similar struggles. Groups allow you to break down barriers and learn how to share and communicate effectively in an open and honest manner. Group members offer their own personal insights and experiences to help each other solve problems from different angles. Individual therapy is also available when appropriate.

With the structure and security from the program, you can begin to take control of your addictions and move forward with your life. Your therapist will be selected for you based on your needs, matched with their education, experience, and expertise. Our staff is well-trained, knowledgeable, and aware of all new developments in the field of mental health and addiction. 

Family and Community Health

In our addiction treatment PHP, we not only help each person work on themselves, but we work to give you the tools to mend broken relationships, heal damaged families and allow you to be an engaged, positive force in the community.

Family therapy and support are some of the most important aspects of our treatment. We offer various support services for any of your loved ones. Family support groups meet on a regular basis, where our rehab staff works on helping your family understand addiction. We work with you and your family to create healthy strategies for support and identify how to establish healthy boundaries.

Find Hope at Blueprint Recovery Center

For more information about our partial hospitalization program in NH and how we can help you or your loved one, contact us today. We’ll design a personalized treatment plan to help you rebuild your life. Call us at 833.654.1004 to speak to a member of our admissions team