Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

Trauma is the root beneath many mental health disorders with which people struggle. Whether it’s childhood abuse, neglect, domestic violence, or other incidents, trauma leaves its mark on individuals. People who have seen war, witnessed crimes, or other violence will surely suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When this occurs, a trauma therapy program helps you get to the root of the problem and find healing. Learn more about this and other forms of therapy we offer at Blueprint Recovery Center.

About Trauma and Its Effects

Maybe you’ve dealt with a trauma in your life from many years ago. You may only have a vague memory of it too.However, if the trauma was never resolved, then it can affect your future life. 

You may notice that you constantly struggle with life and you can’t understand why. Your emotions don’t seem to be connected to the “here and now” but are easily triggered. You may suffer with ongoing depression, anxiety, and trouble with relationships. Some people self-medicate to numb their feelings. This results in them using drugs or alcohol as a means to “feel better.” Some people disassociate from trauma instead, which involves blocking out emotions. But neither of these actions will help with the underlying problem.

Childhood trauma is not the only type of trauma that people may face. Sometimes the trauma involves a devastating loss of a loved one. It could be through divorce, death, or sickness. Whatever the case may be a trauma therapy program will provide healing so you don’t get on the wrong pathway.

Trauma Therapy Program

a group therapy session at a trauma therapy program

At a trauma therapy program in NH, you will find healing for the unresolved trauma in your life. A qualified therapist uses various methods to bring you through the unresolved emotions and out to the other side. There are different therapy techniques to help you find healing. Some of the various therapies that are useful in helping with trauma include:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

This therapy revolves around the concept that thoughts, emotions, and actions are all intertwined. If we allow negative thinking to rule, then our emotions will take over thus dictating behavior. Therefore, you may find yourself making negative choices time and time again. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you change negative thinking patterns.

Behavior therapy

This type of therapy helps you confront your fears through slow, limited exposure to it. Sessions proceed gradually so you aren’t overwhelmed by the fear. When you do face your fear, the therapist will combine it with a form of relaxation.

Group therapy

During group therapy, you will come together with others who are in a similar situation. Everyone is free to share their concerns and fears. Also, people can tell what things worked for them in overcoming their trauma. Everyone will learn from one another. Group therapy works well in combination with individual therapy.

Trauma is a challenging situation to get through. Healing is possible with the aid of a trauma therapy program. A certified therapist can lead you along the way to peace of mind. Turning to drugs or alcohol is never a good solution, because it results in more complications.

Find Hope at Blueprint Recovery

At Blueprint Recovery, we are here to help with trauma and addiction recovery. We offer several programs to help with addiction issues fueled by trauma. Time to turn your life around with a trauma therapy program. Some of our programs include:

Don’t let trauma and addiction control your life. Discover the benefits of a trauma therapy program and seek treatment at a qualified trauma therapy program in NH. Contact us at 833.654.1004, and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.