Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

group having coffee in Community HousingDeciding to enter a community housing program is one of the most important decisions you can make in your recovery. These programs are a potential next step for those who are ready for outpatient therapy. Community housing is a sober living environment where you have access to an extra layer of accountability. In community housing, you’re surrounded by recovery-focused peers. Since group therapy is an important part of addiction treatment, living in community housing can be a way to maintain that network of support. At Blueprint Recovery, we offer a community housing program for those who are ready for the next step in their recovery.

What Is a Community Housing Program?

Community housing can help those struggling with substance abuse maintain sobriety while in outpatient programs. Studies show that these living situations can help you avoid relapse and stay in recovery. Many community housing programs are connected to addiction treatment centers. For those in recovery who need a supportive environment, sober living can be a good choice.

Many patients in community housing go back to work or school while living with like-minded peers. During their transition back to everyday life, they will also learn how to have fun without drugs and alcohol. Some community housing programs also offer education for residents on nutrition, cooking, and other life skills. 

Much of addiction therapy is focused on group sessions, like 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. In community housing, that level of support and encouragement is available 24/7. Since everyone else is focused on recovery, in community housing, you’ll find the help you need. 

Our Community Housing Program in NH

At Blueprint Recovery, we offer community housing for those who need more structure and accountability in their recovery. While living in community housing, you’ll maintain connections with like-minded peers. The outside world might contain triggers or influences that could cause you to relapse or otherwise derail your recovery. But in our community housing program, you’ll find encouragement and support as you work towards rebuilding your life.

One key component of our community housing program is education. For many who struggle with substance abuse, their physical health may have suffered as a consequence of addiction. That’s why in our program, we help patients relearn the skills they need to live a normal, drug-free life. These skills include grocery shopping and cooking healthy dinners to relearning how to have fun without drugs and alcohol. 

While living with others in recovery, you can build strong, lasting relationships. These could become lifelong support networks where you encourage each other through difficult times and work towards similar goals. In community housing, you’ll also find the accountability you need to stay sober.

At Blueprint Recovery, we offer the following amenities as part of our community housing program:

  • Newly renovated and fully furnished apartments 
  • Beautiful tile bathrooms 
  • Hardwood flooring 
  • Newly renovated granite-countertop kitchens 
  • King and double bedrooms with semi-private bathrooms 
  • Beautiful quad for relaxing outdoors 
  • Spacious living rooms with couches and televisions

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