Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

Opiates are among the most addictive substances, killing thousands of Americans each year due to overdose or health problems. In addition, opiate addiction can ruin families, careers, and finances. An opiate addiction treatment program can get those who are struggling back on the right track and end their dependency on the substance.

Blueprint Recovery offers comprehensive treatment for addiction that includes evidence-based and holistic care. Our licensed therapists can guide you through detox, rehab, and aftercare, providing the framework for a lasting recovery. To find out more about our opiate addiction treatment program in New Hampshire, contact Blueprint Recovery today.

Do You Have an Addiction to Opiates?

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“Opiates” is an umbrella term for natural and synthetic drugs that are derived from the poppy plant. Regardless of why or how people take opiates, the reaction they produce in the brain is addictive. While many people associate drug addiction with illicit substances like heroin, it’s also possible to become addicted to legally prescribed prescription medications.

An addiction occurs when you continue to abuse opiates regardless of the consequences. You may feel as though you cannot live without the drug. Or, you may refuse to admit you have a problem even when it is obvious to those around you. If you feel that you may be addicted to opiates, contact Blueprint Recovery Center and discuss your current situation with a treatment specialist.

How We Approach Opiate Addiction Treatment

Our opiate addiction treatment program in New Hampshire includes a broad spectrum of therapies to help you through each stage of recovery. In general, our substance abuse treatment includes:

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Before you begin your addiction treatment, a specialist needs to assess your addiction and identify any mental health issues you may have. Getting treatment for both conditions increases your chances of a healthy recovery without relapse. Dual diagnosis helps you overcome your addiction while managing the symptoms of your disorder.


It is impossible for you to overcome a severe addiction to opiates without first going through detox. This first stage in your treatment allows you to rid your body of the toxins while starting the healing process. Detox can be painful or uncomfortable, with withdrawal symptoms lasting seven to ten days on average.


The level of rehab you require depends on the severity of your addiction. We offer outpatient rehab to give you some flexibility in your treatment. Rehab also includes evidence-based and holistic care, as well as individual, family, and group therapy. Your treatment specialist can help you develop a plan that enables you to achieve lifelong recovery.


Aftercare picks up where rehab leaves off and helps you make a smooth transition back into your everyday life. It may include sober living houses, support groups, alumni programs, or continued therapy.

Comprehensive Therapy for Opiate Addiction

Our evidence-based treatment involves primary care for your addiction. Through group and individual therapy, you can participate in treatment such as: 

Our primary care is grounded in evidence-based therapy that delivers proven results. You will meet with your therapist and engage in various discussions and activities during your sessions. The right treatment program promotes a lasting recovery to keep you on the right track.

Learn More About Our Opiate Addiction Treatment Program

Regardless of how severe your addiction is, there is hope at Blueprint Recovery Center. Our opiate addiction treatment program has the staff, treatment, and resources you need to get clean and stay clean for life. Call 833.654.1004 to speak with a treatment specialist about your addiction and get started on your road to recovery.