Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

It is not uncommon for an entire family to struggle when a loved one has an addiction. Substance abuse often affects all aspects of a household, including finances, communication, daily routine, reputation, stability, and, of course, relationships. A family therapy program can help a family overcome these challenges and recover from addiction together.

Blueprint Recovery Center offers comprehensive treatment that fosters positive relationships and helps the family heal from addiction. We address the problems that exist between each person and help you work through them together. To find out more about our family therapy program in New Hampshire, contact our treatment center today.

Family Engagement: The Key to Lasting Recovery

a family talking to their doctor about a loved one in Family Therapy ProgramThe primary element in family therapy is engagement from each member of the family. If the addicted person gets help, but the rest of the family is disregarded, then true healing cannot exist in the home. A full recovery can only happen when all members of the family heal from the harmful effects of addiction.

Family therapy during substance abuse treatment is designed to address the key issues and strengthen relationships, creating stability in the home once again. We help your family achieve lasting recovery in the following ways:

Family Therapy Sessions

As the name implies, family therapy sessions bring the entire family into the room to confront the key issues. While it is easy to assume that the discussions will center around addiction, you may be surprised to discover that there are other issues, many of which led to the addiction.

Individual Therapy Sessions

In addition to family therapy sessions, each person will also have the opportunity to participate in individual therapy sessions. We provide therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, as well as extended family and couples. Each person has the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings in a more private setting.

Holistic Family Activities

Just sitting in a room talking all the time can become monotonous. We provide a full range of holistic therapies and activities that get your family involved in the recovery process. Holistic activities may include chiropractic care, massage therapy, yoga, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, meditation, or outside activities. Activities help your family interact in ways that are more enjoyable, teaching you to have fun again.

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses simultaneously on each member of the family, as well as the entire household. This dual path to recovery helps each person understand the importance of a healthy family unit and their role in it. Our family therapy program in New Hampshire provides several benefits, including:

  • The family comes together to address and find solutions for existing problems
  • Each person develops trust and honesty to strengthen the relationship
  • The family learns to manage disruptive stress and tension
  • The home environment becomes more supportive and loving
  • Family members learn how to accept and forgive one another
  • The family learns more about addiction, becoming more empathetic toward the person struggling with addiction

When the entire family is willing to engage in therapy, the chances of a lifelong recovery are greater. A person suffering from addiction may be able to find support from a therapist or a support group. However, being part of a stable home environment creates stability in other areas of their life, which helps to prevent relapse.

Learn More About Our Family Therapy Program

Few things are as rewarding as restoring a family that was once torn apart by addiction. If your family is ready to heal and recover, contact Blueprint Recovery Center. We also offer a number of other programs including:

Let our treatment specialists help you end the vicious cycle of addiction and help your family grow together. Call 833.654.1004 to get started with our family therapy program.