a woman concerned about her friend with a psychological dependence

Understanding Psychological Dependence

While those who have substance use disorders (SUD) experiencing physical processes that affect their behavior, there is also a psychological component. That means that an addicted individual is mentally dependent on a substance. Psychological dependence describes an individual’s emotional and mental processes regarding SUD or drug addiction. The Signs of Psychological Dependence When you define…

a woman drinking but struggling with physical dependence

Spotting the Signs of Physical Dependence

When someone develops physical dependence, that means they are using a substance over time and, when they try stopping, they experience unpleasant physical symptoms. That person depends on that substance to prevent withdrawal symptoms from occurring. As tolerances increase, that person must use more of a substance to prevent these adverse effects from occurring. The…

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Don’t Let Recovery Get You Canned

SoftPro, a Delaware software company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, agreed to pay a former IT employee, Matthew Elliott, $80,000 after Elliott sued the company for firing him for having a perceived disability.   Elliott is in recovery from opiate addiction and participated in physician-supervised medication-assisted treatment (MAT) since 2009. When Elliott voluntarily decided to enter…

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Should Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder be More Personalized?

One of the defining characteristics of alcohol use disorder (AUD) is having an often-insatiable urge to consume alcohol despite the negative consequences being intoxicated causes. Persistent cravings to drink are one of the single largest barriers standing between active drinking and recovery from AUD.   Acamprostate, sold commercially as Campral in pharmaceutical markets outside of the U.S., is a medication said…