Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

addiction and women

How Addiction Affects Women

Women face different and unique issues when it comes to substance abuse. They are known to use smaller quantities of drugs than men. However, the small doses women consume have more substantial effects on them. As a result, addiction and women often go hand-in-hand. External factors often drive women to turn to alcohol and drug…

woman biting her nails struggling with xanax abuse

The Alarming Trend of Xanax Abuse

Xanax is a prescription medication often used to treat some forms of insomnia, anxiety, and seizures. It is also highly addictive. Xanax abuse occurs when a person consumes more of the drug than is prescribed for them or uses it without a prescription. For those using it as an anxiety treatment, it’s not safe to…

meditation during recovery

How Meditation Helps During Recovery

As complex as substance use disorders are, there’s no doubt they cause long-lasting damage to the function of the brain and the amount of inflammation present throughout the body. Meditation during recovery aims to offer some healing for these components. Designed as a therapy program for whole-body healing, meditation aids in reducing conflict and improving…


Risks of Self-Medicating

Self-medicating involves using available medications or drinking alcohol to treat medical and mental health conditions that a person diagnosed for themselves without a doctor’s help. Most people do some type of self-medicating. When you have a cold and take an over-the-counter cold remedy, or when you hurt yourself and take a pain reliever to help,…