Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

a woman undergoing holistic therapy options

Benefits of Holistic Therapy Options

Today, several addiction therapy methods are used in the treatment of substance abuse disorders. While treatment heavily depends on the individual’s commitment, multiple methods have had significant levels of success. One such method is holistic therapy. Being one of the many alternative therapy options, there are many questions the treatment raises. What is holistic therapy…

a doctor discussing nutrition and addiction recovery

Importance of Nutrition in Recovery

While proper nutrition is needed to sustain a healthy life, it is made even more vital when recovering from a substance abuse disorder. Drug addiction can cause poor nutritional habits, further causing severe health problems. At Blueprint Recovery Center, implementing nutrition in your addiction recovery program is crucial. This is because what you eat greatly…

a man drinking his coffee looking for help for a functioning alcoholic

5 Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

People’s drinking patterns affect them in different ways. For many who struggle with alcohol use disorder, their day to day functioning is impaired. However, others can lead seemingly normal lives while drinking frequently. Since they might function adequately at work or at home, it is often too late before they realize they have a problem…

a young girl distressed not knowing the links between trauma and addiction

Links Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Addiction currently affects millions of people across the country. While those battling substance abuse are often met with stigma from the rest of society, studies have shown that addiction among adults can be tied to childhood abuse and trauma. This post aims to dive into this phenomenon, looking at the link between childhood trauma and…

a family talking to their loved one about National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month

Drug addiction affects millions of Americans, often negatively impacting their work, relationships, health, and well-being. While more effort is being put towards addiction recovery and various addiction treatment programs, there is still a long way to go. Educating people about the afflictions experienced by those battling substance abuse is one way to fight drug addiction.…

a man feeling the hangover of Binge Drinking

Dangers of Binge Drinking

For most adults, drinking alcohol is often done socially. However, not everyone practices moderation. A considerable number have admitted to binge drinking at least once in a single given year. Many might not know that even one binge-drinking episode can have significant and lasting risks to their well-being. This post seeks to highlight the several…