Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Medication assisted treatment is a controversial form of addiction recovery treatment. Naysayers will claim you are replacing one drug with another, while doctors and other medical professionals claim it is the safest and one of the most effective ways to help patients struggling with addiction. So, what exactly is medication assisted…

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Employment After Rehab

To many it would not be surprising to find out that someone in recovery from addiction may not have a perfect past, but what does that mean for their future employment? Should they be worried? In New Hampshire they are working hard to make sure those in recovery don’t have to worry about their future…

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Why Do People Use Drugs?

Why do people use drugs? A question many people have probably asked there loved ones who are in the grips of addiction. There may be no one answer to  the question, “why do people use drugs,” but many people who use drugs will tell you it began with harmless experimenting. Experimenting can quickly lead to…