Rebuild Your Life

Rebuild Your Life

Not everyone understands the importance of whole-body health. Good physical health is essential to your quality of life, but your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being are equally significant. This is what holistic therapy is designed to address. 

At Blueprint Recovery, our team provides various forms of therapy that integrate all aspects of a person’s health in order to create a healthy balance. If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, our holistic therapy program can be a valuable part of your treatment plan. Contact our team today by calling 833.654.1004 or completing our confidential online form, and we will answer any of your questions about holistic therapy.

What Is Holistic Therapy?

holistic therapyThe idea behind holistic treatment for addiction is that it helps heal the mind, body, and spirit, rather than just the addiction. It used to be the case that treatment focused solely on the addiction, which often meant that important aspects of care were neglected. The aim of holistic therapy is to provide balanced care for people struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Blueprint Recovery’s holistic therapy program evaluates your lifestyle from all angles, delving into the diet, stress levels, exercise, sleep habits, spiritual preferences, and more. This allows you and your therapist to uncover how stress, unbalanced eating, disturbed sleep, or other factors are connected to physical problems. Then, you create plans to increase physical strength, leading to enhanced mental and spiritual well-being.

What Are Some Forms of Treatment Programs at Blueprint Recovery?

Holistic treatment is also known as alternative therapy or complementary therapy. There are different types of this therapy, so people can find a favorite activity or two that they enjoy. 

Various holistic therapy forms may include: 

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Energy work
  • Fitness therapy
  • Art therapy

You may participate in holistic treatment programs during treatment at Blueprint Recovery, with a high likelihood that you prefer certain activities more than others. Feel free to continue holistic practices after your time at Blueprint Recovery as part of your ongoing recovery. When you focus on the present and use healthy stress-relieving techniques, you can lessen your chances of relapse. 

How Is Holistic Therapy Beneficial?

Holistic therapy involves no medicines or drugs, so it’s a natural way to relieve stress. Other benefits of holistic therapy include easing anxiety and promoting peacefulness and tranquility. 

When someone meditates or works with animals, they fully immerse themselves in the moment. During that time, they don’t obsess about negative events in the past. They also don’t feel incredible anxiety about what’s to come. 

That’s the beauty of engaging in holistic treatment at Blueprint Recovery. By continuing to focus on the present, people foster a sense of calmness. They feel less stress and so won’t feel a need to escape into drug and alcohol abuse. Instead, they can connect with nature or themselves in positive, productive ways. 

With so many benefits to alternative therapy, should you choose addiction therapy that only offers holistic treatment? Although it may sound ideal, many people find a balanced approach more effective, with a combination of traditional practices and holistic options. Our Blueprint Recovery holistic therapy approach helps you discover positive and healthy outlets to maintain recovery.

Allow Our Holistic Therapy to Help Your Recovery

At Blueprint Recovery, our team uses holistic therapy as a tool in addiction treatment. When you enter our doors for addiction treatment, alternative therapy options are available that may be your key to long-lasting recovery. Reach out to our team today for more information by calling 833.654.1004 or completing our secure online form. We will help you determine whether holistic therapy or any of our other treatment programs may be right for you.